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Lost/Stolen: Surly Steamroller. 52cm. Maroon. Brooks Saddle. Black bar tape. LOGAN SQUARE

Hey, everyone.  New here.  I've followed all the necessary steps (poilce report, bike registry).

My bike is a Surly Steamroller.  52cm, maroon in color, with a worn out Brooks brown leather seat with yellow tape stuck to it.  Black Fiz-ik bar tape.  Standard cages.  There's a dent on the top tube, pretty small.

My bike was...stolen yesterday (Thursday, August 16th @ ~9AM).  In Logan Square at the intersection of Belden and Talman.  Technically it's mostly my fault.  I was loading shit into my van, got a phone call from work and got distracted.  Drove away and realized but when I got back it was too late.  I've put up some crude posters in the area.  I've been scanning Craigslist non-stop (Milwaukee and Madison as well) and checking eBay, too.  If anyone sees it please contact me at



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I also missed that this was an old thread, and just took Kevin's word and didn't search myself, but also would probably have not looked beyond the last few days' reports and not bothered with the search feature.

We are working on things like the search function now and have been asking for this sort of input on an ongoing basis.  I'll make sure our technical help is alerted to your comments. 

Thanks, h'!  I wish I could offer solutions as well as criticism...

It never did turn up.  Just bought another one for fairly cheap.  Thanks for asking, though.

As for the dent, it's on the top tube, about 6 inches back from the stem.



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