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On my ride today just after 5pm I picked up a bike lock key, rear bike light and a bike computer off of the protected bike lane. I am guessing that you either left your saddle pouch open or got in an accident. If you have the lock for the key, then I know they belong to you.

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Did anyone lose the tail of their fender? Found one on Milwaukee yesterday...

Hopefully the Chainlink can help me again. I've dropped my bike lock keys on the Lake Front Trail this morning, somewhere between Hyde Park and Downtown. I took a small spill around the Marina by Grant park, so I suspect they are somewhere around there. The keys are on a green carabiner. Please keep your eyes open for them if you are riding through that area.

Lost my front blinky light this morning somewhere on Milwaukee Ave (Augusta to Halsted), maybe one of you found it? It's a USB light like this one: 

Found a key (to a lock) around North and Elston last night. Maybe from Elston bike lane or Stanley's lockup.
Passed a ulock on northbound state st. bridge over river

Someone lost their keys. Hope this link works.

I know it's a slim chance, but I dropped a Kershaw pocket knife on Chicago today, somewhere between Damen & Kingsbury. Could be on either side since it was during lunch and I rode both ways.


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