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Looking to purchase used/low-budget cyclocross/sscx bike, any leads?

New to chicago and a bit unsure the best forums/sites/etc aside from craigslist. Trying to find a single speed or 1x11 52-55cm bike to use as a commuter/cyclocross bike. 

Something like a surly cross-check, all-city nature boy, etc.

Any tips on where the best places would be to look for used/second-hand like that?


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I have a 56cm Surly Straggler built as a single speed that I hope to sell, with the "Glitter Dreamz" paint job on it. I need to replace the brake pads on it first. Let me know if that would fit you - I know it was a bit big for me.

Hm might be a tad big (I'm about 5'7") but I might be able to make it work, what were you looking to get for it?

I have 54cm titanium cross bike with Full SRAM Rival 1x11 (42 front and 10-42 cassette).

Wheels are set up tubeless with 38mm Clement MSO gravel tires.


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