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Does anyone have copies of B.I.K.E. or Maximum Overdrive that I could borrow or rent from them this week?


Thanks in advance!

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Go to Odd Obsessions video store on Milwaukee, just SE of western.  Last time i was in there I found a couple bike movies in the "hipster" section.  




B.I.K.E. is one of the worst movies ever made; it is less about bikes and more about a d-bag junkie and his obsession with himself.

Good to know! the trailer made it sound like an apocalyptic Rat Patrol....


Likely not gonna show it anyway. BMX Bandits, anyone?

Also, anyone have a copy of Attack the Block? Toothy aliens land in the ghetto, and kids on BMX (and motorbikes) take them out.
Yeah B.I.K.E. is ostensibly about groups similar to the Rat Patrol except that's just the setting and the subject matter keeps resetting to whatever inane personal bullshit the guy making the documentary has going on at the time.


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