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Looking for paved trails for road bikes away from the city

My wife and I just got into cycling and purchased a Trek 1.1 and Trek Lexa C.  We also tow our 3 small dogs in a trailer.  Last weekend, we rode the North Branch Trail and loved it.  We have a few vacation days coming up and want to take a short road trip somewhere with great paved trail riding similar to North Branch Trail.  Would love your recommendations on trails (10+ miles) that are within 3-4 hours drive from downtown Chicago.  

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I heard the Route Verte is nice.

I like both the Glacial Drumlin and Interurban Trails.  They're both accessible from the Hank Aaron and Oak Leaf Trails in Milwaukee.  I get off the Hank Aaron at 94th Pl. in West Allis and take the detour to the Oak Leaf connection into Greenfield Park, where I pick up the New Berlin Trail to Waukesha, where I pick up the Glacial Drumlin Trail.  All trails in Milwaukee County are paved.

Thanks!  Holiday Inn is great for us too since they usually take pets.  My wife was just asking for trails that pass by small towns so we can rest and hang out in between.

Lady Jane said:

You might try the Interurban trail north of Milwaukee.  Haven't done it myself but friends have recently.  Port Washington is a charming town with a bike friendly Holiday Inn right by the lake -- and a good bike shop.  You could go north or south from there.  Here's a link:

I like the Fox River Trail which is west of the city and the Old Plank Road Trail which is southwest of Chicago before I80


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