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I just moved from Evanston to Northbrook. I'm looking for the best route from Willow and Phingston to the Lakefront bike path.

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Grew up in Northbrook and ride through there quite often to get to various routes. I imagine you are also of the mindset that you'd be willing to go slightly out of the way to take a safer route. It's a lot of complicated steps. I will send you a message.


Get to NBT at Tower, then Tower to Green Bay to Simpson to Dodge/California to Granville to Winthrop to Ardmore to LFT.

I think Glenview Rd or Church  Street is best to either get you east.  

Wind you way through  the neighborhood behind the shopping center at  the southeast corner  of  Willow/Pfingston. I have  ridden Pfingston on a  weekend but do  not recommend it during  the week. Greenwood goes  south through  that  neighborhood.  Look at a  map and  find the streets that  work best  for  you.

I would go Quail to Briar to  Greenwood. Greenwood south to  Winnetka and backtrack  to  Pfingston.  You may want to ride a sidewalk a block to get you to West Lake and then...

West Lake and head east into the Glen.  Take  Patriot south and cross  East Lake St into another  neighborhood as you exit the Glen.  You are on a sidewalk by a mini park and  get on Swainwood off  of a driveway and  take Swainwood to  Cedarwood to  Fir to  dump you onto  Shermer.  

Shermer  has a bike lane. Take it all the way south to  Beckwith. Turn east and it becomes Church.  Take it  all the way to the Channel trail.  Once you get there are you  on  familiar terrain? Take the channel trail, which will have a break it it  until the new bridge is completed, To Foster. Cross the street at the light and  not  using any underpass. On the east end of the park you  are on Franscisco. Take that  south to  Lawrence.  Lawrence has a bike lane most of the  way to the bike path. I often  take Franscisco to Ainslie to California to  Lawrence but that is just a preference of mine.

I've done that ride before when I used to work near Northbrook. Google Maps is awesome! One of the routes I routes I used to take:

My company moved from Goose Island to Techney and Shermer in Northbrook.  Rather than bike or drive, I retired.  It's a zoo out there during rush hours.

Huh, I would be inclined to do skokie lagoons to northbranch trail to elston.  cut over from elston at something like Webster, (not a main car road but a through-street) to cut over to the lakefront. Sort of the reverse of a ride I do many weekends in good weather. But I guess I'd say try a bunch of the suggestions posted on here  and see what fits your style.


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