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Looking for a Ride starting near Hollywood just after or before September 30

I'm looking for a multi-day ride to do just before or just after the PETA 35th Anniversary Party in Hollywood. CA on September 30?  Does anybody know of a calendar for California rides or know a specific ride?  Suzy Schnauzer and I want to ride on the west coast.

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Replies to This Discussion  Some events the weekend before and after.  Don't know locations.  Guided tours.  Expensive. Monthly group ride in L.A. area. LA bike trains 1-10.  Hollywood listed as Friday only. With waiver, allows two guest rides before joining. Wednesday 10am Griffith Park, Thursday 830am Marina Del Ray.  Sat/Sun close by. Wednesday 830am CVS -- 23357 Mulholland Drive 630am West Los Angeles.


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