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Local Bike Shop Closing- RAPID TRANSIT. Thanks for the Memories :'(

I didn't see another mention of this here...

Rapid Transit- serving us for the last 21 years- is closing :(  I was surprised and saddened to see this announcement last night.

from their page:


To our Customers and Supporters:

We’re sorry to announce that Rapid Transit Cycleshop will be closing after 21 years at the corner of North & Wolcott. Both the Wicker Park, and the UIC location will close some time before the end of the year.

Rapid Transit has been our labor of love and an amazing, unforgettable adventure. We’ve been privileged to work with talented and dedicated people throughout the years who helped make the shop a neighborhood institution. We are deeply grateful to all our customers who supported us over the last two decades. And we’re honored to have been a part of Chicago’s cycling landscape as it grew and evolved over the years.

We will be busy this winter planning our next adventure. Who knows what the future holds?

—Chris & Justyna

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Any idea what's next for you guys?

We're making plans, but nothing concrete yet. We probably won't be far from bikes for long ;-)


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