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maybe it's like all the bike-powered gadgets they have at working bikes... you have to generate enough heat to boil the water as penance for killing that delicious lobster.

another weird bike-ish link:

""He drew me a picture of a half a bike, and then for the next birthday or Christmas I got the picture of the other half a bike, and then he delivered the $25 used bike," she recalled. For another birthday, Mark Sanford gave her a diamond necklace, which she adored, but then he took it back. " OOF.
continuing along this OT tangent: the blowfish. same deal, except also, what makes someone want to eat the blowfish after watching his friend die after eating it first?

mike w. said:
Okay, i want to know who it was who decided that a lobster looked like it might be something good to eat...
Hmmm.....tough one. I have a set of rollers that I haven't used in ages, so I don't need another trainer. My oldest kid lives in Maine, buys lobster off the boat cheaper than hamburger, and has a lobster cooker. Because of the Maine connection, I'm now spoiled and won't eat lobster except at my kids place, so I don't need a lobster cooker. I could get the lobster cooker and cook turkeys in it.


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