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Just got back from a ride Lincoln Park > Lake Forest > Libertyville > Crystal Lake. Great ride except the last part - past county V76 to the Prairie trail was awful. There is construction on county road V61, and Google maps was dangerously wrong about S. River Road before Moraine Hills park. Packed with traffic, nasty rumble strip and no room. Whoo...

Anyone ride Libertyville to Prairie Trail? Its a beautiful area but seems tough to find a way through that doesn't involve endless meandering trails. I like the meandering trails, but they don't meander down to Prairie Trail.

I saw some good mentions of bridging this area in other posts, but not a lot of details on routes. I know the Google routes cold, and maybe those are the best that can be done.


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I was just up that way a couple of weeks ago and wondering the exact same thing.  It's frustrating because the ride up to Libertyville is one of my favorite rides, as is the fox river trail.  And they're so close together but I just can't find a good way to get from one to the other.  I wonder if it's better just to go all the way up to Fox Lake and cut over there.  Fox Lake to Fox River isn't all that pleasant either, but it's okay.

Yes, this is a blatant attempt to bump the thread up hoping for more better answers.   I really need to dig out one of my copies of the ATA map to see what it says.


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