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I don't use the lakepath for my commute, but I'm sure plenty on here do.

Curious to hear how your commutes were affected on Day 1 of the closure. Post here!

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There's a crosswalk, and yes, it's dangerous if you don't stop and look both ways:)

Took the LFT for the first time since the detour this morning. It was actually pretty pleasant, except for the ubiquitous Canada goose droppings! (And saw one guy just buzz right through with no hesitation past the construction barricade. Nice. Just give non-cyclists more reason to hate on us.)

I agree with those who say the detour is well marked...however, once you get to North Avenue, all bets are off. The signs have ambiguous double-arrows and you have to pretty much guess where to go, especially where it splits off into three different directions. I ended up on Clark Street, personally, despite consistently going to the *left* southbound (the water is to the left, correct?)...

All in all, the detour added about eight minutes to my average LFT trip.

I am going to see it for myself in a could of hours. Will report on it. 

I live at Barry and Sheridan and this am from the west end of Barry tunnel, I took the paved path just west of Diversey driving range to the paved path just west of Diversey Harbor parking lot underneath Diversey just west of Lsd, then through paved parking lot west of Zoo entrance, through (mostly empty) Zoo parking (watching for cars reversing) to paved path west of bball courts to west Lasalle underpass to North. Then east on North to North Ave Beach tunnel back to Lake Path.

Going back north I always avoid the Zoo parking in favor of the limestone trail to the west (along lagoon) because I won't ride the wring way down a street mich less a parking lot (wrong way cyclists are fools imho). Cars arent often looking for cyclists even where we are supposed to be, so I surely dont trust them to look for me coming from the wrong direction.

However you detour, I recommend you maximize these underpasses, as crossing Diversey as well as Lasalle/North are the spots where cyclists will suffer injuries most often. The limestone sucks in the rain, but it won't kill you. We don't need any more ghost bikes.

I already am looking forward to a separate bike path b/w North and Barry. That's usually the beginning and end to most of myrides, so although this will suck for 3 months, then it will rock!

Once you get south of the Lincoln Park Boat Club (so. of Fullerton), switch to the limestone path closer to the lagoon. The paved path there is terrible.

When you get near the south end of the lagoon, I think this is the best route to get back to the LFP:

I got le Fat Bike... will ride with fat tires to get to the fishing destination... and back. 

LFT was a beast today -- if you're riding on ti today, be aware of park vehicles and construction vehicles in several spots. A few times I actually had to hop off my bike and walk it -- including by the detour. I asked a guy working if there were any more that I should know about heading south, and he said, "Honestly, I don't know; I'm not working on the trial -- I'm here to fix that signal." (this was under the bridge near Diversey.)  Easily added 15 minutes to my trip (on top of the detour). :(

Using the underpass south of Belmont is much safer (and shorter) than using the posted Diversey underpass detour.

Strongly agree.

I take the LFTNorth most days and after taking the marked detour in the rain once, have stopped using it.

The signs are open at diversey.  Just after crossing the harbor, I go down to the waterfront and ride there.  It's really pleasant -- with the wind blowing the right way you can actually hear quiet instead of cars for awhile.

Closer to Fullerton the work is done and you rejoin the regular path until the detour ends at North Ave.

This probably won't work for the whole time but it does now, and I'm sure we can update if conditions change.


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