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Yes, I know the weather is still miserable, but is anyone interested in coming up to the North Shore (Lake Forest, IL) and doing a ride. It can be relatively short, but just something to get outside.

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Some of our members do indeed do the Judson and Mafia Rides. Personally, I stay away from Judson as they don't believe the Rules of Road pertain to them, I used to do the Mafia Ride every Sunday, when it was an "every Sunday" thing. And, when I was fast. Now I'm slow, but can go the distance.

By mellow (especially pertaining to our Tuesday morning rides, I mean mellow, i.e. an average of no more than 17 mph. Its almost always a long, steady (slow) distance ride of 75-120 miles. We spend a good part of the day, on the road.

My Colnago is a C-50HP, yellow fading to white, with the German National Flag as banner color stripes.

I weight over 100 pounds less than you and stand all of about 5'5", so I can get away with the light stuff.

Great chatting with you.


Jim said:
You folks do the Mafia ride and the Judeson I belive also. What do you ride speedwise when you say "mellow"? 20-25 mph or 25-32 mph? I do alot of distance on the rides I do, between 70-110 miles and ride about 6-8 hours or more. Speed is around 23-26 mph. You have some fine rides. Did you get some Rock and Racing gear yet? They ride DeRosa as I am sure you know. The Colnago is the Dream model right? So when are you getting a Eddy Merckxx or a Pinarollo. BMC is totally bad-ass, leave it ti the Swiss. Like Ridely and may be getting one this spring. Seven also has me drooling since I am an ox at 240 lbs, I have not moved to carbon fiber yet.

Stuart Joshua Holt said:

I'm co-founder of Velo Club Roubaix, Inc., formerly a bicycle racing team on the North Shore. (I say formerly, since most of the stalwart racers have since defected to other more competitively oriented bike clubs.) That's not to say we're not competitive and fast (well, at least my teammates are fast....) but now we hold Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday morning road rides (when the weather permits.) I live at the north end of Highland Park, just south of Old Elm Road (which is the south border of Lake Forest.)

I'm primarily a road rider, but I have a Gunnar CX bike and a Bontrager Ti mountain bike (which i rarely used, these days.) The rest of my rides are primarily European: Look, DeRosa, Colnago, BMC & Wilier Triestina.

The McClory trail (the one that parallels Sheridan Road) is just blocks from my house. However, you may be referring to the North Shore Trail that parallels Route 41. That will take you right by our Saturday Ride starting place: Northcroft Park, Lake Forest, IL. I'd love to intro you to some of our group rides, but I have no problem with riding with just one or two persons. I'm trying to get Julie P. &
Leah N. to come up and ride, perhaps on a Tuesday morning. Our Tuesday morning rides a pretty mellow.

Jim said:
Go through your neck of the woods coming in from Kenosha. What do you ride? Trails like the Mcglory bike path or do you stay on road and ride St.Mary's down to Evertt Rd east to Highwood. I know when the spring is here, I see a sea of bikers. I ride a Bianchi road and a TreK 'cross bike. I have passed by you I think once or twice. Do you ride a red Waterford with Mavic's or a black Seven with Zipp's? Saw a fellow like you at the Highwood Mobile gas station. If its trail riding than you will see me on my Santa Cruz Chamleon or my DK BMX ride. We will have to have a meeting point for the Tribe; say Egg Harbor for a Sunday ride. Weekly ride from the square by Kiddles? Hope to see you this spring or sooner! Jim
Thanks for the pace/distance info. I'm always confused a little with avg speeds - do you pace at around 17 when you're moving, or do you mean what your computer says you're averaging factoring the stop lights? I find when I pace in the 16-22mph range my computer says I avg around 14mph, but I still say I ride around 18mph.

I'm glad to hear slow and steady for distance - that's what my wife says she wants to do with her new found love of cycling, and we're looking for groups that wont leave us behind. (though I'll admit we'll both have to work up to 75+ mile rides - but happy to do it)


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