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Ah, there's so much contention on this site.  For good reasons, certainly.  And some narcissism.  So here's something that I, an old-timer, bear in mind.

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I agree people can be more civil. Communication matters. I often see comments on this forum that can be communicated in a much friendlier and diplomatic way but send the message you are intending. However, such behavior is not unique to this forum. It’s easy to speak confrontationally on any online forum where you are protected behind a computer screen and tablet as opposed to speaking face-to-face. I also see this unfortunate need for others to “own” someone else or have their own mic drop moment. 

Not to mention "virtue-signaling."

Or just plain and simple empathy. 

I don't know that empathy is so plain and simple -- if it were, it would be universal. But it IS one of our species' higher instincts.

For what it's worth, I try to only say online what I would be willing to say face-to-face.

And The Youngbloods' peace & love anthem "Get Together" is decidedly NOT a song for my rolling playlist. Your mileage may vary.


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