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Last weekend a CTA bus driver told me that it's illegal to lock bikes to the sign-posts indicating bus stops. I'd never heard this before, and I lock up to all sorts of sign posts. I tried looking up city laws about it but couldn't find an answer. Anyone know if this is accurate or if the bus driver was making things up?

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From what I understand that is correct. Most drivers won't make an issue unless your bike is blocking the stop. 

More importantly however is that it's a bad idea to lock to those in the first place. Someone can take your bike without defeating the lock. I'd recommend finding something more secure like a proper bike rack or retired parking meter unless it's a short stop or the bike will be in your line of sight.  

Here's an old thread on topic.

I notice that the ATA never posted any response in the other thread to the questions it asked the CTA (most notably the question of how any cyclist is supposed to find out about this policy, which is mentioned nowhere on its website). Can we assume that means it received no response?

Any CTA pole is CTA property and they can remove any bike attached. Generally though, they only remove those that block access to passengers entering and exiting buses.

In many parts of the city sucker poles are your only option unless you want to add a mile's walk to your trip. (Especially now that the old parking meters are almost all gone.)

What Charlie said, plus:

1) Not "illegal", just CTA's policy and presumably their right.  They're more aggressive about it in some places than others. There are signs warning of it around the North/Clybourn red line station.

2) "sucker poles" refer specifically to poles from which the base bolts have been removed, not all sign posts.

...or poles where the bolts are loose.

h' 1.0 said:

2) "sucker poles" refer specifically to poles from which the base bolts have been removed, not all sign posts.

So who is one suckered by if that's one's only remaining option short of not riding?
rwein5 said:

Every pole is a sucker pole if you have a crescent wrench and 30 seconds.

Thanks guys. 

Get a 1 meter or longer hardened chain if this is an issue and use a streetlight pole (without a CTA sign on it)?



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