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Are the crosswalks painted and paved by the Goodman Theater actually legal? A crosswalk to me is to get from one side of the road to the other, not to a car. What are your thoughts?

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I think it boils down to whomever owns the property. In this case, it's the city...and if the city gets enough complaints about any paving or painting on the road, they'll take care of it and bill the person responsible(maybe.). I've looked all over the internet, all I could find was people installing speed bumps on private property(comes down to who accesses the property and if it's public or private street) and a case about a neighborhood that put in speed bumps and the city removed them(not here). According to that article, if they modified the bike lane/street with proper permits and standards, then it's likely that nothing will change. I think putting a crosswalk across any street not at an intersection could be considered dangerous. That's just what I think though.

See referenced article below.

Playing devil's advocate a bit here, but, what would you have someone exiting a parked car there do? Inch sideways in the space between the parked cars and oncoming car traffic until they reach the intersection?

Maybe they could exit from cars somewhere else?

More often than not, I see valet's using it as a place to stand, put cones, and yell at bikes to slow down. 

. . . at which point I punt the cone and tell them to shove it up their . . . well, you know.

It doesn't make a difference to me, since I'd stop for crossing pedestrians regardless.


I'm not a fan of filling that crosswalk with large orange cones, tho. I've punted a few. And I always laugh at the "SLOW" pavement markings. As far as I know, the speed limit is 30MPH there, so the bikes are all going slowly.  The cars?  Not so much.

This is exactly why I posted this. To me it almost seems like the theater themselves painted the slow pavement markings and paved that hilarious speed bump there too.

Google Streetview images were taken right after the lanes were restriped.  The slow  markings were there, but the speed bump was not.,-87.6294808,3a,80.9y,332.94...

Speaking of crosswalks, anybody see these 3D walked used in Europe? I wonder if we could do something similar with our bike lanes to keep out the cars and trucks.


In my experience, the valets in front of the Goodman have always been very courteous and helped usher oblivious pedestrians out of my way.  If the crosswalk markings and/or speed bump help pedestrians realize they should look before crossing the bike lane, I'm all for it.


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