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I have a guest in town next month who is 6'8" and somewhere near 400 lbs. Customer service at Divvy informed me that the weight limit of the bikes is 265 lbs. Total Bummer! It raises a few questions:

1. That seems low to me, and I cant imagine that everyone riding one of those in Chicago is under 265. Do any of you see people pushing that limit, or want to admit that you push the limit yourself? (its ok, I was over that weight when I started biking too.. it goes away) :) 

2. I really want him to experience what I get to enjoy everyday. There is even a mass the weekend he is in town. What are some other options for getting this man on a bike for a few days? 

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I know a couple of guys in the 6'5" to 6'8" range with longer legs than practically anyone else out there. With the seatpost at max height, they are able to ride Divvy bikes. 

BTW, I normally have trouble getting enough seatpost height on bikes, and Divvy's extra long seatpost gives me a couple of inches to spare. :)


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