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FYI, the Kinzie Street Bridge will be closed starting tomorrow:

(Apologies if this was posted already, didn't see anything on the forum.)

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I can't really say that their proposed detours make a lot of sense to me.

Grand and Lake are both 0.3 miles north/south of Kinzie St. I guess it depends on whether one is heading south into the Loop, or north from Kinzie. If one is Loop-bound, then heading south to Lake St makes more sense.

Perhaps. In theory, Washington is another good way to get to my office, but I found it difficult with the amount of snow in the bike lanes, and lack of room to maneuver in traffic.

Detour routes are to get you to the same street on the other side of the closure.  Usually routed so the detoured traffic doesn't cross each other, so right, left, left, right onto original street.  Doesn't offer a left or right option.



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