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Saw this on the Chicago Bicycle Program's FB page -

DETOUR ALERT: The Kinzie Street Bridge will be repainted in early September. This will require full closures of the bike lane across the bridge. The westbound lane will be closed first, followed by the eastbound lane. The signed detour route for westbound bicyclists will be:

Kinzie > north on Franklin > west on Grand > south on Desplaines > Kinzie

Scheduled to start Tues., 9/3

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Thanks for the heads up! I'm betting most cyclists leaving the loop will just stay on Grand until Milwaukee. Should make for some interesting traffic patterns.

Is it wishful thinking to assume CDOT will set up a temporary protected bike lane along Franklin and Grand?

UpdateMotor vehicle travel lanes will remain open and Shared Lane Yield to Bikes Signs will be in place, but there also will be a signed detour route for westbound bicyclists.


blair said:

Shared Lane Yield to Bikes Signs will be in place


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