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I got a call from a lady in Northbrook who got my name from the Kidical Mass feature on Kidwinks (sp?).  She needs two bikes for the end of August for her 9-year-old nephews who are coming to town.  Also, a trail-a-bike for a four-year-old.  She wants to rent.  Anyone know who might have what she needs or willing to rent out their own stuff?  Thanks.  The dates are August 30-Sept 4th or something.

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Schwinn aerostar or stardust: $23/day.

Child tag-a-long: $18/day.

Or start checking Working Bikes or The Recyclery to see if you can't purchase same for under $100.  You could redonate after the kids leave for the tax deduction.

Kid's bike: $20/day

Tagalong: $15/day



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