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I'm super excited because some brilliant guys I know have finally released a kickstarter for a new type of folding bike they've been developing on and off again for the past three years :)

It's kind of niche, and definitely not for everyone.  But it's wonderfully designed, affordable, and solves the "last mile problem" quite well.  I could see it being best for Metra uses who currently use Divvy during rush hour, and who are tired of full/empty docks, or for people who work in areas where leaving your bike locked up outside would result in theft.  I think it's better than a few other sanding bikes I have seen (Halfbike, and some other one) because the gearing is so high; you can be quite zippy with just a walking cadence.

Anyway, it's neat, eh?

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pledged of$105,000goal

days to go

Does this look like it's going anywhere?



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