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I just read an interesting article about bikes being the next great technology. If "the bicycle is the most commonly used mode of transportation around the world, why aren't bikes more visible?" Then why is it we must be thought of as secondary on the roadways?

A.T.A. just sent an email touting completion of two new bike projects and the start of two more (not counting the Bloomingdale trail). "A World-Class Bikeways Network Comes to Life"

Oh boy, we're up to 6.5 miles of neighborhood bikeways progress ... that's almost enough to get me to work (if it were end to end and where I need it).

Yippee, 6.5 miles.

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Oh good lord you don't have to be all taking your ball and going home. Dug's post was pretty mild imo, and if you wanted to start a discussion, it can go places that disagree with you. Otherwise why try to start a discussion? A "rant" about how Chicago doesn't have enough non-road bike paths can raise some hackles among anyone who knows the history of cycling, roads, and statistics regarding bike safety.

The Chicago Wheelmen were the first people to lobby for paved streets, for bikes. Bikes were on the streets first. Perhaps the biggest predictor of how safe it'd be to ride a bike in a city is how many other bikes are using the streets. Chicago's apparently rated the number one large city for cycling in the US and has put in quite a bit of effort toward making a lot of arterial streets multi-use

Six and a half miles of off-street path is pretty nice, I should think, and bemoaning the woeful state of Chicago's bicycle infrastructure because it only has that large path and the lakefront path and the boulevards seems pretty silly. As for not being welcome on the streets, the more bikes are on them, the more welcome bikes are. Be the change in the so on and so on, etc.

I am accusing you of bitching because that is what you were doing; you were complaining about there not being enough bikeways in Chicago and that what we have over what we had before is not enough. 

That is pretty much by definition bitching about it.

You want to take your ball and go home I guess that is your right but it is pretty silly to do so just because people have disagreed with you.  Life must be very hard of you are this fragile in real life.

Michael J Blane said:

Irony people ... IRONY

I merely intended to share some information and a few of my comments.

Wow, I never thought that my comments would stir so many emotions.

I haven't even started bitching or complaining.

Dug, what are you accusing me of? I thought that maybe the article that I linked to might start a discussion, not anger and me being said to be bitching about something.

If the purpose of your comments was to shut me up or drive me away, you've succeeded.

Good Bye.



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