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Has anyone seen these around town? I saw this one on Clark at Randolph this morning (11/2/17). This is the first I've seen. Are they going to be competition for Divvy? I was on my own bike so I didn't really check it out to see if it can be rented. It was locked to the rack with a built-in lock.

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Yes I did see one somewhere in downtown recently. I was curious. Now it's clear Divvy may have some competition. 

I'm not sure I like a bike share company using public racks.  We don't have enough bike parking as it is.

This company should install more racks if they plan on doing business here.

Jump bikes, which is owned by UBER, is trying to win the hearts of the cycling community by offering free bicycle rides to groups like CCM and others :P

Too bad they already lost them having their drivers use our lanes for pickup/dropoff.

I am waiting for the Uber driver striking the Jump cyclist in an Uber-sponsored bike lane. Who sues whom in that situation?

Yeah, what a messed up connection of trying to be bicycle friendly and posing a danger at the same time.


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