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Director, Campus Energy & Sustainability at IIT

Institution: Illinois Institute of Technology
Location: Chicago, IL
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Posted: 07/20/2012
Type: Full Time
Job Category: Facilities & Maintenance
Department: Facilities
Location: IIT-Main Campus (MC), 3300 S. Federal, Chicago
Requisition Number: 0601100

Leads the development of management of campus-wide energy and conservation initiatives. Manages the implementation of these initiatives which includes the development of a new power infrastructure for all campuses; the negotiation of energy contracts with suppliers; and the introduction of best in class energy sustainability processes and programs. 

Key Responsibility 1
Provide leadership to the campus and act as an organizational strategist in order to position IIT as a leader in sustainability in higher education:
  • Develop annual sustainability planning priorities for the University working with Facility Management and faculty. These plans will set out specific targets for the reduction of waste, pollution, energy use; and, identify opportunities for cost savings.
  • Report progress on these priorities on an annual basis to the President's Council and Board of Trustees.
Key Responsibility 2
Integrate sustainability values and practices into the University's strategic planning processes:
  • Interacts with counterparts at other campuses and serve as campus point person for system-wide sustainability efforts.
  • Supports departments in establishing information and reporting systems based on sustainable development principles such as life cycle, social and environmental costing.
Key Responsibility 3
Collaborate with various campus operational units such as Facilities Management, Food Services, Purchasing, Residence Life and Parking as appropriate to infuse sustainable principles into short and long range planning. 

Key Responsibility 4
Provides support to Facilities Management for the development and implementation of energy and natural resource conservation projects, including energy conservation, on-site renewable energy generation capabilities, and green building design. 

Key Responsibility 5
Offer guidance and coordinate with the academic community to integrate sustainability into the curriculum:
  • Designs and coordinates educational workshops and the production of educational materials for the campus.
  • Workswith Residence Life and the Dean of Students Affairs to integrate sustainability programs into the Residence Halls, and into the first year experience and orientation program.
  • Offers guidance to faculty and administrators to foster the development of research in the area of sustainability and environmentalism.
Key Responsibility 6
Applies for and manage external grants to support campus sustainability projects and research. 

Develops written materials and conducts seminar and workshops designed to promote the concept of sustainability and to provide information on implementing sustainable practices.

Represents the University on radio, television programs and at conferences related to energy conservation and sustainability. 

Customer Service:
Builds effective partnerships internally and externally to promote energy conservation and sustainability efforts.

Offers expertise and collaboratively fosters initiatives to reduce campus resource consumption and waste generation. 

Education & Experience:
An Undergraduate degree in architecture, planning or engineering is required.

Masters Degree preferred in a related discipline such as resource management or environmental studies.

Experience in Higher Education preferred with 10 - 15 years of experience.

10 yrs experience in facility development and management preferred. 

Preferred Skills:
Must be a team player able to work comfortably and effectively in cross-functional teams with people at all levels of the organization.

Excellent oral and written communications skills, comfort with public speaking, ability to listen and learn and engender trust among various constituencies. 

Demonstrated analytical, problem solving, organizational and management skills. 

Demonstrated ability to manage and prioritize multiple tasks, and to work with shifting priorities and schedules. 

Certifications & Licenses:
LEEDS accreditation preferred.

Application Information

Contact: Illinois Institute of Technology
Online App. Form:

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Heh. I work for IIT doing software development. Wonder if I can change positions? :)


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