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Jeremy Piven opened his car door Tuesday -- no big deal. Problem was ... he didn't look first and a bicyclist slammed into the door, cutting his chest open. 

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Jeremy was near The Grove when he parked his car next to the curb and flung open the door of his 2015 CTS Cadillac. The 35-year-old man who was peddling along was badly hurt and taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Our cop sources say they believe Jeremy was at fault but he didn't get a ticket because cops didn't see it happen. We're told Jeremy was cooperative.

The victim received stitches on his chest. Too early to know about a civil suit, but you can bet on it.

We reached out to Piven ... so far no word back.

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Every time I see "peddling" used in terms of cycling I just shake my head.......

...And I look for a sign "No peddling" ;)

Every time I 'have' to watch TMZ I just shake my head. . . ('-`)

I wouldn't even if they pay me. Even if a lot. ...But who the fuck that Piven character is? (Don't tell me, I don't want to know, anyway.)

Jeremy Piven is an actor that grew up in Evanston area along with the Cussack family, thru a workshop run by Piven's parents. I don't know him, but I seen some of his movies. I don't know what happen exactly but everyone is ready to hang him. I think there are more interest than if some bicyclist was killed.

Doorings are extremely offensive. Why, because of the type of careless drivers that 'kick-open' their car doors all the time like when they are in their own driveway or garage. They feel the world only revolves around them.
IMO, he's really not a good actor, who cares if he's from Chicagoland.

I have been doored and  agree that dooring is offensive.I am lucky that  I was not injured. However, I am not willing  to lump all doorers in  one  category. Yes, there are some who live in their own little world and the rest of us do not matter. They can rot in Hell.

I will admit that I have opened a car door and said to myself, "oh my God, I didn't look." That has not happened in a long time but it has happened. I really cannot  make  a judgement about Piven as a human based upon  this incident. If it was a repeat event, if  he was not contrite, if he acted like the character he plays on Entourage I  might feel differently. If he is a human who did a thoughtless thing that hurt somebody I feel terrible for the  victim and hope Piven  stands up, does what he is  supposed to do for that poor rider, and learns something so it never happens again. 

Whatever one  thinks  of him as an actor, whether positive or negative,  really does not matter.  He doored somebody. That matters. Still, I am  not   ready to throw a metaphorical rope over a tree unless I learn that the dooring is merely a symptom  of a chronic disease of disregard for fellow humans.

Very fair. Can't argue with that.

Yes, and I hope the injured cyclist, Erick Netterblad, is properly compensated for his medical costs and other expenses incurred by the dooring. I hope also he has proper legal representation.
I should have said that I don't prefer his acting style. It is 'acting' after all.

never heard of this guy. all i know is that he sucks, and those cops might suck.

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"How to ride safely around parked cars."



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