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Trying to replace my wife's that was stolen a year ago, looking for something used as she is not a regular cyclist, but i would enjoy her company on a few longer rides this summer.

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How fancy are you thinking? I have a 51cm 1970s Miyata, single speed, that needs a new chain and a tuneup. It used to be my "bad weather bike" so it's a little worse for wear in terms of dings and scratches, but most of the components are 2-3 years old. I've rebuilt all but the frame at this point. I haven't been riding it this winter, since I got a cheap Divvy membership, but I'd be willing to part with it for $100.

Julia, thank you. I actually stumbled on a clearance sale at my local bike shop today and wound up getting her a petite frame Felt ZW85 for a steal of a price. The frame fit her like a glove, it was great. 


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