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This provides very little information. Talking about a non-profit that wants to give out phones and internet services. Then in another ad on craigslist, they want to give out bikes. Anyone know if there's actually a shop opening like this at "depal" in Lincoln Park? Looks like a scam to me at the moment...


Bike Mechanic 
City Bikes - Chicago, IL

We are seeking a Bicycle Mechanic who is willing to help grow a new bicycle shop in Lincoln Park. Our vision is to offer only a few models of single speed road bikes. We will also buy and sell used bikes, offer servicing of bikes, and parts.

We are a nonprofit company that will offer competitive wages and profit sharing opportunities for all employees. Profits will be donated to provide cell phone and Internet services to children between the ages of 12 and 18 in Developing nations.

Salary: $20.00 /hour

Required experience:

  • Bicycle mechanic: 1 year"

Here's the first link.

And the second

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   Hmmm. A non profit with profit sharing? 

Making sure that 12-year-olds in developing nations have cell phones?

$20 an hour for a Wrench? Is that the going rate for a shop rat in Chicago? Hmmm...

lol all too fishy! if this is a scam...i'm just so sad that they're going for wrenches..

Personally, without knowing anything more about it, I think it's a scam.

Not for profit organizations can, and DO make money. If it's a not for profit organization which has been granted 501(c)(3) status by the Internal Revenue Service (and which is able to receive donations which are tax-deductible to the donor), it is required to file a public document (Form 990) setting forth its annual sources and uses of funds. There are third party organizations which grade charitable organizations based on percentage of donations and grants which actually find their way to the parties who are supposed to benefit. There are examples of Not-for-Profit organizations right here in the City of Chicago which consume in excess of 75% of their gross revenue on salaries and other expenses. I'm just sayin'...

This is not intended to slam not-for-profits, but people need to be aware that not-for-profits are not all equally virtuous.


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