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Is there a "just doored" section because it just happened to me 10 minutes ago

I was just doored heading east on Diversey ave a couple blocks west of Racine ave by a hispanic man who didn't speak much english at all and drove off immediately after I tried "talking" to him about it. I didn't get a plate number because I was in a daze and I still am. I have road rash on my arms, but I seem to be ok... I think. I have weird head, shoulder and neck pain. Luckily I was wearing my helmet today because it cracked on the ground on impact. Otherwise there would probably be skull bits all over the pavement.

I didn't even know what happened, I just felt impact and my head smacked the ground. I'm ashamed that I don't have health insurance, but I just can't afford it.

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Minh, I hope you made it to the hospital. Please follow up and let us know how you're doing, OK?

Reading all this made me realize I know nothing about concussions.  I found these useful:

Checking for unequally sized eye pupils seems like a very useful quick screening method for severe cases.

Minh, I hope you're getting the care you need. I'm one of probably hundreds of CLers who are keeping you in my thoughts and wishing you a good recovery.

"hundreds" plus one.

Michelle Stenzel said:

Minh, I hope you're getting the care you need. I'm one of probably hundreds of CLers who are keeping you in my thoughts and wishing you a good recovery.

I hope that you start feeling better soon.  I know from previous accidents that the day after is sometimes worse than the day it happened.  Wishing you a thorough recovery.

Best of luck in recovery. Please respond when you can to let us know you're okay.

Well guys I'm finally back home after being in the emergency for like 18 hours. I waited about 6 hours before the triage nurse even called my name and waited another 3 hours on my bed in the curtained treatment area before I saw a doctor. They went through some simple neurological tests and I don't think I passed them. They ordered a head CT and they didn't see a cerebral hemorrhage or any other problems. They told me I had a "simple" concussion.

My memory is a kind of spotty and I think I may have loss consciousness at some point but I don't remember. I was pretty out of it while waiting and couldn't use my phone to update you guys because the battery was dying and looking at the screen made me feel sick. They kept me there for many hours until the early morning and to be quite honest I think they forgot about me. They wouldn't give me ibuprofen, aspirin, or even tylenol for the pain because I am currently on depakote and clonazepam  I was checked on every few hours by a nurse and once in a while by the doctor. During my discharge I was told to get a PCP to check on me if my symptoms persist and just rest for a few days

Today I feel like I was hit by a truck with all sorts of random body aches and an awful headache with nausea. Typing this is making me sick now.

Thanks for the update, Minh! Get well soon, and stay away from that keyboard for a bit! ;)

Get well soon!

Oh yeah thanks so much for all the support! I seriously don't feel like I deserve any of it. I'll buy someone a beer here if we ever meet in real life at some random chainlink sponsored event.

Feeling worse the next day is pretty common.  If you don't see improvement tomorrow and the next day, then a follow-up with a PCP is a good idea. 

Did they recommend cold packs for pain and inflammation?  That can offer good non-pharmaceutical relief.  Bags of ice or refreezable gel pads can help a LOT.  If you don't have either on hand, a bag of frozen vegetables (such as peas or corn) can make an acceptable substitute.

So sorry to hear about the encounter with that door.  Get well soon!


I am hoping that you somehow got the licence plate or contact information for the person who caused your injuries.  It seems to me that it is likely that the person who injured you should also be responsible for your hospital bills.



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