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I know it's been cold, but DIVVY is still the best way (for me, at least) to hop across the Loop between Ogilvie and my office (Dearborn & Adams). Yesterday, I was unable to check out a bike at Washington & Wacker (tried several bikes, all refused to authorize). I was fine on my way back yesterday afternoon, grabbing a bike from the dock at Dearborn & Madison (by the Chagal mosaic). This morning, I was unsuccessful at the two big racks at Canal & Washington and Clinton & Washington. I tried perhaps four bikes at the latter, and one at the former.

It's warm enough this morning, I don't think it even qualifies as Chiberia. ;-) What gives?

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Looks like the system is up and running in general, judging from this recent tweet.

Did your credit card expire yesterday? I had the same problem this morning. I discovered that the credit card associated with the account expired yesterday. 

I don't think so, but I will check. (I have an annual membership which isn't up for renewal.) It failed again on the way to the train this afternoon  so I called. The person I spoke to said that dock was down.

The credit card is used for any over-charges, or for a lost bike. I'm in the same boat, as my membership is good through July. However, without a valid CC on file the fob is disabled.

Huh... My CC info looks fine (exp 2/22), but the site says, "Your bike key has been permanently disabled." I'll have to call them I suppose.

How does that work for everyone in Divvy for Everyone?


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