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I noticed this on Grist this morning:

Coronavirus has caused a bicycling boom in New York City

I'm in Portland for several weeks (at least), so can't check myself. Is the biking scene in downtown Chicago changing as companies and individuals adapt to the coronavirus outbreak?

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I gotta say, being here in Portland with its bike infrastructure, semi-courteous drivers (they often actually stop for you at uncontrolled intersections!) and reduced cars on the road (stay-at-home in Oregon was put into effect this morning), I'm enjoying the riding I've been doing. Well, not so much the hailstorm and quick 10°F temperature drop this afternoon, but other than that, riding here is pretty awesome.

You know that neighborhood greenway in Ravenswood Manor? Portland's got several much larger ones. Bikes are explicitly allowed to take the full lane. Yow! 

Someone tested + in my building... ugh!

It is hard to find the balance.  Protect yourself. Stay awey. Use all the lotions, potions and unctions that keep you disinfected. Then,perhaps think of calling your neighbor to wish him/her well and  leave a box of cereal, a bag of chips, a bottle of liquor or some baked goodies (you can't get them any sicker) in front of their door.

I'm sorry Ernesto. That sucks. It's my worst fear. My coworker's roommate is sick with all of the symptoms and worked grubhub (which may be how he got it). She is hiding in her room, living in fear that she will come down with it as well. The worst of it? He called his primary doctor who told him he won't get tested because he's under the age of 60. 

Just to unpack that for a minute... that 105k number we see? It's only confirmed tested. Think about the thousands that are turned away from getting tests until their conditions are critical. So most likely 105k is tip of the iceberg. 

I decided to go for virtual walks with my sister, dance with my dog in my home, etc. I'll probably do a little riding but tbh, I'm concerned about the reckless driving - there was just a crash last night in my county. A pedestrian was just killed after a driver went up on the sidewalk where I normally go to catch the Metro in Rockville. 


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