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I saw pictures on flickr of something called IRO sprints and I want to know more about it. All the results on google pointed to events Chicago. Anyone know who built it and how it works?

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k8 said:
vxla: I don't think I like the sound of that. I do believe Cobra has $2 Beam on Mondays. I could go from frowning to not caring in a very short amount of time, though.

and you will..
Uh oh...

There was much discussion of this (this meaning sprints, not me getting beer'd) at Cranksgiving. Very much looking forward to it.
I believe the generic term for this is goldsprints. And here are some pictures of goldsprints history:

Apparently, Mark Mattei of Cycle Smithy in Chicago owned an old-school competition dial until 2000.

It also appears that pedaling stripteases are very popular. :P
tonight will rule. jus'sayin.
IRO sprints at cobra lounge
I had a goodtime! Whoever took my checker pattern toptub pad while I was in Cobra can you please give it back to me?... If you know who has it tell them it was a gift... I'll be at the IRO Sprints next week. I have a black redline 925 just put it back on bike please.



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