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Hi all,

At my workplace we can currently bring our bikes into the office and stash them in a large empty cubicle, however, that cubicle will soon no longer be available for bike storage and so we are trying to think of ways to be able to keep the very wonderful convenience of bringing them inside while keeping them out of the way. 

The office is in one of those old converted warehouse spaces in the west loop so the ceilings are high. And because the space was actually converted from multiple apartments at one time there are lots of little nooks and crannies.

We've thought of using a bike pulley system. Has anyone used them before?

Are there any other cool, innovative ways out there store multiple bikes in interior spaces?

Your thoughts will be appreciated.


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We use the pulleys at the shop here and they work great.  There are two styles and the slightly more expensive one that has two ropes is easier to use and balance when hoisting the bike; I feel it is MORE than worth the extra cost.

We have a bunch here at the shop; get a hold of me and I can probably figure out a really good price for you on them.



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