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Sorry, I just need to express some angst for a moment. I think people are being sexist and it's very irritating. Two years ago some dude drove a car into me while it happened to be February. Last weekend I took a spill on some ice and managed to shatter my arm. (Still not sure how---I've fallen lots of times without injury, except to my pride maybe.) Everyone is acting like I've just proven how crazy-dangerous it is to ride a bike in winter, or even at all. I suspect that if I were a dude, I'd only be getting this from my mom (and wife/girlfriend, if applicable). Is it just cabin fever making me cranky and imagine things, or does this really happen?

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Why doesn't anyone else say "I told you so" when someone gets in a car crash? And if you do, you'll be seen as being crazy or insensitive. It's a double standard.

Driving a car is the norm in the US, and riding a bike for transportation is seen as a fringe activity for entitled yuppies and hipsters (although recent data show the greatest percentage of bike riders are in the lowest-income quartile). The same reaction is seen with essentially any so-called "fringe activity" that goes against the status quo.

Robert Underwood said:

I don't know if its a sexist thing, but I can see how people would give you all kinds of crappola for biking ESPECIALLY after you got into an accident... they say it constantly anyway.  I'm sure if I got in a wreck itd be like "I TOLD YOU SO!  YOU DESERVE IT YOU DUMB CYCLIST, GET OFF THE ROAD OR GET AN SUV."  Actually the only people whove said things to discourage me from cycling I don't really know to well or care about too much. My family and friends are basically supportive.  People just don't understand how much better it is to bike than drive especially when you have to sit at a desk for 8 hours everyday, why the heck would you want to sit in a car for another 2 hours, when you could be outside with the wind in your hair/helmet... enjoying the scenery and feeling healthier.  Hope your arm gets better and you don't get injured anymore!!

Against the status quo! Be punk! Ride a bike! :-)



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