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How do you keep your bikes off the street? Please post any experiences, good or bad, about the options out there.

What would you say is the best solution for small space? for large space?

Is it difficult to do the ceiling pulley mounts? How hard would it be for renters to do this without destroying their ceiling (and security deposit).

Either purchased or DIY, what's the most minimal, but awesomely functional design?

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I've always had indoor storage, usually a (shallow) basement or enclosed back porch. For 4 years it was a loft, so bikes were wherever the heck I felt like leaving them, when they weren't being ridden from one end to the other.

The primary thing I'd like to have is a floor-stand type rack so that we don't have to juggle bikes all the time.
I have several of these wall hooks:

They are great for road bikes, and you can store bikes close together, but they are probably too flimsy for you if you ride onenna those springy bike with fat tires...
that delta rack is awesome. it's like, exactly what I need

abby and i bought the gravity bike rack from target a few days ago. it's ok, but the overall quality isn't that great. it's easy to put together and seems to be stable, so for the price it's not so bad.

we put the lesser used bikes on it, which normally just serve to clutter up the apt.

i just google image searched for 'bike hanger' and i gotta say, this guy wins.. lol

hahahahaha this one is just asking for an epic fail

Yeah, that's not scary at all. Ha

root said:
hahahahaha this one is just asking for an epic fail

We got a spare bedroom to store our 4 bicycles. They have thier own bedroom.
Now THAT rocks! I just have all my bikes/frames/parts scattered in every room of my apartment. As I glance around, I see 2 frames in the bedroom, 2 bikes in the kitchen, 5 bikes and wheels in the hallway (1 bike belonging to a friend, though), and the mountain bike along with assorted old 27" rims in the living room.

I'm thinking about asking them to start coughing up a little rent. ;-)

Ammo said:
We got a spare bedroom to store our 4 bicycles. They have thier own bedroom.
i went from a large 3 bedroom apartment with bikes in almost every room (even one in the bathroom!) a small one bedroom. i use a standing, 2 bike rack and it works great. i got a flat bar road bike, a track bike, and i can toss my beater on it too. 3 bikes on one The walls suck in the apartment, the ceiling is trash, and my girl does not understand having more than one bike. I still want more bikes...i miss having all the room, but i will sneak more in (just part by part) ha ha ha. But this was my best solution, hope it on sale at performance...


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