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I'm looking for a pair of 4.8mm female spade connectors...

During a roadside repair earlier this week, I lost one of the cable ends that attaches to my Schmidt hub.

So, um... does anyone here have a secret stash of spares for fancypants German dynamo hub wiring? If so, I would like to meet you and bring you beer.

Failing that, I'm open to suggestions for where I might start looking for these things in Chicago, presumably outside of bikeland. I have a few ideas, but maybe somebody knows for sure and can save me some hunting.

something like this...


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Sounds like something the people at rapid transit would have. I hear they have the most experience in the city with internally geared and dynamo hubs.

Ace Hardware or Radio Shack would have 'em.
Or an auto parts store

Stu Lockwood said:
Ace Hardware or Radio Shack would have 'em.
I know exactly where to get these !

really really cool store. you may be in there quite a while.

good luck




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