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If your bike is full of winter grime, salt and gunk Turin Bikes on Damen will wash it, and properly lube it for $25 bucks

It only took about 2 hours and my CX bike looks like new. 

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A friend went today too. She said it was amazing.
Took mine there today while I went for brunch with a friend in the neighborhood. They did an AWESOME job! I haven't seen my winter bike this sparkly-clean in a while!!

Is there any reason to do this if its just going to get dirty again on the ride home?

How long does this deal last?

If I had this service available at this price somewhere along my most frequent commutes I'd make regular use of it.

The bike wash is year round - we are happy to wash bikes after a dusty summer mountain bike ride, fall cyclocross race, or nasty winter commuting.

Duppie said:

How long does this deal last?


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