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Waving Wednesday.. Do it!

If you're on a bike & it's Wednesday, then wave!

Answers to commonly asked questions:

What's Waving Wednesday?
It's a simple concept! It's Wednesday and you're riding a bicycle. You see someone else on a bicycle. You wave to them. They wave to you.

Does it cost anything to participate in Waving Wednesday?
Waving Wednesday only costs about 3 calories per wave.

If I wave on Wednesdays, can I still wave on other days?
Waving to promote cameraderie among cyclists is always encouraged.

What qualifies as a wave?
A wave 'counts' when you move your hand back and forth at least 3 times. Nodding or saluting do not count - those salutations can find their own darn days.

Do I really have to do this?
Yes, you have to.

*From the fine folks @ the SFBC

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I saw several cars waving at each other.... although strangely enough, they had all but their middle finger closed and were thus just waving with their middle finger...

I so rarely see other cyclists on my commute that I make sure to wave and shout good morning every time.  To the runners too, as long as they are being polite (i.e. not blocking the path, running on the wrong side, wearing noise cancelling headphones and weaving back and forth).

I also wave and shout a greeting at cars, but that's generally less fingers and only when they are being rude. 

I used to greet everyone at the bus stops and corners (waiting to cross) with a hearty good morning.

After quite a few weeks of not getting a reply at all, I decided to just concentrate on the sounds of my bike, the environment, and my breathing. Sounds very Zen-like, but at least I noticed that the bearings in one of my pedals were ticking with every push stroke on the right side.


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