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I saved 2 bikes from being stolen last night. Chicago and Damen.

My post from Craigslist:


If you or anyone you know had 2 bikes locked together, and locked up, outside of CHICKPEA on Chicago, just West of Damen.... let them know. I have them safe in my garage.
Last night around 1am we witnessed a black man in a white van trying to steal them. He got the lock off that held the 2 bikes to the bike rack, but didn't get the bikes before we saw him and pulled over to stop him. We called 311, but the cop said if she took the bikes they would go straight into inventory. So...we took them and decided to be good bike owners. I would hate if we had left them and that guy had come back to take them.
So! I hope you read this. Your bikes are safe, although the seat on the black one is missing.
If they're yours, send me an email and tell me what kind of bikes they are and what brand seat is on the red one. I would love to get them back to their owners!!


Someone wanted more details and was pretty rude about it, so then I posted this:

Black man. Shaved head. About 5'10", 220lbs. Big white conversion van with tinted windows in the back, none on the side. He was using a skillsaw to cut the lock and covered it with a black tarp. I only noticed what was happening because sparks were flying out from under the tarp. I pulled over, he drove off. He cut the lock that held them to the rack, but not the one locking them to each other.
I have the license plate number, and gave it to the police officer. She believes it's a guy from Maywood who has done this before. In fact, she's sure of it.
Sorry if my first post lack all these details, dick. I'm just trying to get these people their bikes back. The cop told me that if she took them, they would end up in a police auction. She told ME to take them and thought my idea of putting up a Craiglslist post was fantastic. I was not about to leave them there unlocked, cause I knew the jerkface bike theif would come back for them.


Email me at if they are yours!

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SO glad more people are keeping their eyes open and actually confronting these assholes. I need to buy some mace myself :)
I'm so happy when I sign onto chainlink and see people who have stopped theft or are helping people get their bikes back. Nice work. I hope you find the owners.
did you leave a note where the bikes were?
good bike samaritans rock !

good cycling karma to you !


XV said:
did you leave a note where the bikes were?
thanks to you, and others like you.
i love reading this so much better than some surveilence ive recently seen and a pedestrian just walked on by with indifference as the thief was hacking away

great job!
Leave a note where the bikes where; not everyone reads Craigslist or The Chainlink.
Marne's back wheel got stolen outside of New Wave Cafe on Milwaukee. There was an eyewitness who saw the guy get out of the car, steal the wheel, and get back in. The witness got a description of the guy, his car and his license plate #, and stuck around to give the info to the police. Marne was told "Nothing will be done about this, I'm just filling a report. You have to go to the station to file a another report to get someone assigned to the case." After 3 visits to 2 different stations we gave up. We later, by chance met the guy who bought her stolen wheel from (we verified this) the guy who took it. The police apathy to the bike theft problem is maddening. What more would they need to nab this guy, an Fing video? By the by the guy drives a Grayish Honda sedan. I will be posting his License # on CCM, BCHI, Face book, but not here so this pose does not get pulled. Email me if you want it.
Awesome work Sara Jean!

Just a note for everyone about calling 311 vs. calling 911. Essentially, 311 is for city maintenance-type services that can be handled over the course of up to a week, i.e. trash removal, graffiti removal, light outages, etc.

911 is for times when you want the police to come right away. An attempted bike theft isn't something you'd consider a traditional "emergency", but it's also not something that can be filed in the queue of city services, to be handled over a couple of days. Don't feel bad about calling 911 - these are time-sensitive police requests and 911 is the appropriate call.
Wait a second. Black male with white van?
Anyone else think it was the guy at the Swap-O-Rama that was holding onto that brakeless chrome Bianchi? Anyone know who I'm talking 'bout ?

The guy on the top photo with his jorts. I thought I had seen him around that area before and this only makes me that much more suspicious.

Taken from this thread:
Good Job.
Sadly, goin on black guy with white van is not enough. When we do the recovery rides every chicken shit thief has a white van. And in that area they are Hispanic or Black. So since we aren't tryin to lock everyone up more details are needed. Whomever was rude to you Sara, I'll apologize to you on their behalf but we have been dealing with these guys for a little bit and need the info to know which guy is doin what.

And since you are already a good samaritan I would say you are an ideal candidate for a recovery ride. Join the bike theft task force group and come on a ride to the Swap O Rama, or Maxwell St, to try and get back other stolen bikes.

1 good deed is great! Why not do more?



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