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Nice first ride in the COLD.


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Yes. Even with temps in the teens there were a good number of bikers on the LFP.  

I expected a little ice here and there since there was quite a bit of moisture on the way home last night.  Nope, the cold wind had dried everything out nicely!

no yet, will ride after finish work

So, coming home last night (Northbound) on LFP, just at Oak Street curve, a guy 50 yards in front of me spilled on black ice. We both turned around and took to the streets at Chicago Ave.

This morning as I was approaching Oak Street saw police boat and fire trucks at the curve. Checked the Trib when I got to work and saw that a truck that was out there laying salt slid into the lake! Be careful out ice, any ice for that matter could be life threatening.

Here's a news report of that truck going into the lake as shown on video from at least two cameras.  These guys were lucky and bailed. It's a judgement call for the driver of course, bail or save the truck, and whoever it was wisely observed the truck couldn't be saved and got out with the passenger, totally made the right call, no question.   - check it out:

I did. Probably the nicest day of the week.  Oak Street curve on LFP open this morning.  Lots of salt there...

This morning was gross. My ride was wet with some slush on the road but not enough (even by DC standards) to justify working from home so I rode today. I am disappointed in Winter for not bringing any meaningful precipitation to the DC area so I can get a work from home day out of it. Btw, the schools are closed because DC.

Yesterday and today, yes.  Oak Street curve still open, but may not be for long. Water level is high and the wind/waves from the North today may make evening impassable...we'll see.

I did ride today.  Cut in from LFP at Oak Street.  Could see the water going all the way to the wall at the curve.

Rode 6 miles this morning to put me over the top of 6000 for the year. 

I did ride today.  Nice ride in the fog.  Supposed to get to 51 degrees in Chicago for Christmas Eve! I'll take that! 

Rode last Friday & Saturday as well; although in Orlando at 72 degrees.  Was very nice!

Happy Holidays ChainLinkers!

Yes! What a gorgeous ride in! 50+ degrees this morning and now 62!  Enjoying it while it's here!

Went for a ride on Christmas day. 

Went downtown, and it was AMAZING having the streets to myself.  


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