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Nice first ride in the COLD.


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I did ride today.  Was nice to be back on the road.  Thanks, Tricolor for the update yesterday.

I took the LFP from Montrose to Jackson.  Conditions:

Lots of salt; mostly South of the Flyover

Some icy spots; keep your eyes on the road and you should be fine.

    Some ice just before the Oak Street curve, but you can get around it.

    Some iced seaweed just before Flyover; go slow over the bumpy mess and it's OK

I'm sure there are "black ice" spots here and there; this is the season to be more cautious than usual.

All that said, I plan to keep biking and have fun!  Have a great weekend!

Beautiful ride this morning. Planning to go out again this afternoon. Much better now that on-street ice is gone, at least where I'm riding today.

No ride today but a nice jog with the dog! Lots of folks out on LFP today; gorgeous!

Yep. Nice out and back on LFP. Still some heavy salt in places.

Yes I did! Was nice to see lots of bikers on my way home with taillights blinking.

The morning rain chased most people away today. Lucky for me I usually leave so late it had stopped. The wind was kind of a pain, though.

Not today, but I’ll be back on the horse tomorrow!

I did. Was a nice cool ride on the LFP.

I think next week will see a lot fewer riders due to the holiday.

My morning ride was nice and ever so slightly warmer until I met up with the morning Friday bike coffee group (we have a weekly meet-up at a coffee shop near the White House). We sat outside on metal seats. Brrrr! I feel like I could use a heated seat after that. Made it back up into MD with 20 minutes to spare. It's a really nice thing to meet up with fellow riders. I really need to go more often.

Nice that you made it again today (no sitting outside anymore, though).

Yes! So nice to sit inside. The Brompton was convenient to tuck into a corner today. Always good to see everyone.

Rode LFP yesterday.  Lot's of riders out to and from work.

Today took Divvy in since forecast shows storms coming mid-afternoon.  If not, I'll Divvy back home.

Nice to have options!



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