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Nice first ride in the COLD.


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LOL, thanks for dusting off this tread, Mike! I did ride yesterday and had a great time on my way in (around noon) and a pretty scary time on my way home (around 7). It still felt funny to get out my snowsuit etc, but thinking about the fact that it’s not even Thanksgiving yet... yikes. Here’s hoping that it bounces back at least once before settling in for the long haul.

woof. snowsuit. :-(

Ditto for today. 7 degrees this morning and a HIGH of 19. I really hope some El Nino comes our way for at least part of this cold season.

Hey Yasmeen our Fall color was green leaves being frozen off trees with a Halloween snow and below freezing temps.


oh man, that makes me sad to hear the leaves didn't get the chance to change. 

I rode today. Cold and windy but looking at the weather in Chicago, can't really complain. The trees are in the half beautiful, half naked and stark look of late fall. I have two different routes now - one while it's light out in the morning. One that's faster, easier in the evening (two different Metro stations).  I've come to realize I take photos of cars blocking or parked on sidewalks/in bike lanes and by the time I reach my destination, can't be bothered to post them because I am no longer annoyed by what they did. 

I feel like we are plunging into the long, cold darkness only to emerge on the other side, in a new year, with hopes of early spring, flowers, and birds. But in between, in the darkness, there will be holiday lights. I signed up for a holiday lights ride that involves decorating my bike in lights. I'm actually really excited to do it (in Virginia).  Stay warm everyone! 

Nope.  I hope to be able to Thursday/Friday.  Next week forecast looks nice; we'll think it's balmy compared to the start of this week...

I just noticed that the new posts about our intense early winter weather, that have re-woke this thread, occur on--and create--page 666 of this long-running, record-breaking forum.

Worth noting that we've achieved this unusual milestone almost a decade after this forum began! Actually 9 yrs, 1 month and 7 days after...and counting. (I think this may be the longest-running/most viewed forum for Chainlink??)

Yes. Yesterday too. Don't want my blood pressure to get too comfortable.

Today was in the 20s with the wind in my face and I wasn't really prepared with the right gear. I take the longer route in the morning to get a slightly longer ride in but am starting to rethink my approach. We don't have snow though. If we did, we work from home. 

I'll likely be back at it tomorrow or Monday.  Does anyone have update on condition of LFP?  Montrose to Jackson?

Everything is pretty clear except some ice north of the oak street curve. It looks like the flyover's getting swept and salted.

I did ride today.  Was nice to be back on the road.  Thanks, Tricolor for the update yesterday.

I took the LFP from Montrose to Jackson.  Conditions:

Lots of salt; mostly South of the Flyover

Some icy spots; keep your eyes on the road and you should be fine.

    Some ice just before the Oak Street curve, but you can get around it.

    Some iced seaweed just before Flyover; go slow over the bumpy mess and it's OK

I'm sure there are "black ice" spots here and there; this is the season to be more cautious than usual.

All that said, I plan to keep biking and have fun!  Have a great weekend!



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