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an SUV actually. It was a narrow street, there was a line of cars waiting at a light and I decided to ride on the narrow snowy strip between the parked cars and the standing vehicles. I hit a slick spot and in the process of trying to regain my balance I bounced off the guy's side mirror, knocking it back. It was one of those hinged mirrors, so it didn't break, just rotated back against the car.

He rolled down his window and asked me if I was OK. I said that I was and that I was sorry for hitting his mirror. He said not to worry about it, it wasn't broken, and reiterated that he was only concerned whether I was alright. I repeated that I was fine and we both went on our way.

Man I wish all my interactions with motorists were so friendly and positive. Thanks, whoever you are!

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that sucks, I saw a bike t-bone a car. I was riding a with 3 other guys in a pretty quick paceline on sheridan rd. We passed another rider and then turned into the side street behind plaza del lago, where a car was waiting to pull out onto sheridan. It must have looked like the rider we passed was on the end of our line, so the car pulled out as we turned. But the other guy went straight.

h3 said:
cutifly said:
Just testing another graphic counter.
May be better to test it in one of the group discussions than on the main forum.

I've been hit by a car zero times, hit a car once. I basically broadsided a car that stopped for no reason halfway through a side street intersection; I was sort of predicting the car's trajectory and speed and didn't count on it stopping. The folks in the car just gave me a blank, stoned stare.


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