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Today I had a couple of little Knog lights (AKA hipster cysts) taken from my bike, while it was parked inside my church (!).  We have security cameras and guards, so I could likely find out who did it.  But it's not worth the hassle for such a small theft.  I'll leave vengeance up to the Lord on this one ;-)

Over the years, I've had two bikes, a saddle, a pump and tools, and now these stupid little lights stolen by various defective human beings.  What I've noticed is that this bothers me most, not in the moment it happens, but in every little moment for years afterward when I have to take extra time (and freeze my fingers) to lock or remove more and more things before I can leave the bike - even in a church.

So every time you hassle with your lock, grab your lights (or forget to do that), worry about finding a safe place to park - say thanks to all those thieves who diminish our lives every day - even on days when they don't take anything.

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I try not to let evil overly affect my life. Yes, they will face the vengeance of the Lord and perhaps burn eternally in hell. If you let the moments of your life to be diminished by these defective human beings, you lose your enjoyment of things good in life. Yes, protect your earthly belongings and yourself, but never fear to fight evil when the time is right and you have a chance to confront it. Because, I hate evil most when it's allowed go unchallenged. Yes, I've done risky confrontations with evil doers but only recommend these actions to be taken at the 'right time' and by those 'capable'.

Taking your lights off when you lock up is a tremendous burden... 

Mount your lights to your helmet, end of burden

Yeah, it's about the fact you have trouble with the realityof life in the city.

I saw a guy who had zip tied his lights down, zipped them to the frame / bars.  It removes the quick steal and unless the thief has a knife makes for a very different situation and the guy will move along. Until then.....

My son, those lights were taken by angels and delivered to someone else in greater need. The lord is telling you to get a brighter light. 

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff and this 500 lumen halogen bike light, they comfort me.

I agree Jeff.



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