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i had the best of intentions to endure an hour of boredom. what a stupid place for a blowout! i bet it freaked the neighbors. oh well. i ain't switching it out, so it's time to surf the chainlink.

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That's just bad luck my friend...

I bet your neighbor pee'd a little. ;-)
Any one call the police as a shots fired compliant? BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How long have you had this tube in the tire? That is a comon misconspiction when doing indoor biking. You fry the tire pretty quick when riding inside. Had this happen to me last year riding in the kitchen. The neighbors next door came running over to see what was going on. I run a cheapy set from nashbar that I do not care about destroying. Lots of heat on them, on run a fan when I ride the trainer to avoid this common problem. As for the boredom factor get a boat load of biking vids and make it fun. I know it does not compare to being outside, but only 5 weeks be fore March is here. Hope we have an early spring
tore the blowout apart. tube was melted to inside of tire casing - heat was indeed the culprit. luckily i train on a junk maxxis tire that came on a used bike, so no loss. in hindsight, I'm glad I wasn't on Rollers!

of course, if i rode outside, heat buildup would not be an issue...
If it happened on rollers, kiss that back rim good bye. You most likely would have slid sideways and broke something bad. Be careful Joe, you do not want to hurt yourself before spring arrives and f*ck up summer riding. That would suck ass real fast. Use the fan to help cool off the unit so the next time you do not cook your tire. Jim



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