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I posted in the marketplace, but I'm guessing that doesn't get the traffic I'd like. At least this will be page 1 for an hour or two...

Hunting for a fellow cyclist to split a 3BR. Willing to pay up to about $1000/month depending on what's included, but want a space to keep bikes, gear, and a space for trainers. I'm fairly limited as to location due to working in NW Indiana (nothing far north, and nothing out west). Mid-Feb through Apr 1 move in.

Happy to meet up over a beer if this sounds appealing.

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call me : we may be able to work something out : 312 622 6285
daniel brown said:
call me : we may be able to work something out : 312 622 6285

Dan-- just a note to make sure you noticed the part about sharing an apartment.
It's just before the part about the beer :-)
First and final shameless bump. Found a great place in SE corner of Logan Square with loads of space. Person that I was going to move in with reneged, so up for grabs to a cyclist.

Also, sorry Dan, but the way you described, I'm looking for a more formal living space. My left brain couldn't handle a dining room not being a place to dine. :)



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