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Anyone know how to suggest a bike/walking trail on google maps now that google mapmaker is gone?

I was able to suggest a "missing road", but I'm not sure I did it correctly since it's not a road... its a bike and walking path.

Anyone have luck adding bike and walking suggestions since Mapmaker went away in mid 2017?

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To supplement your tangent, another good reason to use Google is to view intersections in satellite or street view where more on-the-ground info is needed. This can be especially helpful if you're riding quieter streets and want to see if they have reasonable crossings (4-way stop or stoplight) at major streets.  

I might have found the answer to your question, Julie, though not a direct one: Report a missing road on Google Maps.

Sadly with mapmaker going away, there is no easy way to add or edit roads, trails, etc.

As was suggested using the feedback function is currently the only way.

I've been hoping that someday Mapmaker would come back in some sort of form.

The best thing people can do is continue to send feedback to google through the apps regarding this issue of adding trails, bike lanes, etc.



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