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How many other cyclists did you see on your commute this morning?

I'll start: 1.

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That's awesome. Great to hear. When I head North to Skokie, I also see more men than women but there's one woman that raced me light-to-light. Best commute ever. :-)

LOL.  Almost everyone passes me, and I would lose every race.  Except for the one guy I pass on Milwaukee who rides an upright bike and is wearing a heavy jacket with a hood, even now.

I concur! I must have seen only 2-3 guys and 5 women this morning on LFP.

JustWill - I might have been one of those women! I saw an even number of men + women this morning. Rode from Ardmore to 47th street.

What bike did you ride this morning?


Some of us would be happy to send a few your way. :-)  I think there might have been more bikes on Milwaukee than there were cars.

I too saw none.  I got in a little late, but the rack in front of my building was empty.  Shocking.

18th to western had a few today, but I was slow rolling. Doing errands via Harrison though was kinda empty. Maybe everyone took today off from work because it was too pretty outside.

I must have been in the sweet spot. I saw bunches of cyclists most of whom were paying attention and enjoying the ride in. I was even charmed by the couple that was in front of me for a few miles and felt compelled to exchange a kiss every few stop lights. Today even the drivers didn't seem to be in too big of a hurry.

I came downtown later than normal. Couldn't believe how many cyclists on Kinzie around 8:30. Not that it was Critical Mass, but I was still like, "whoa."

Did you ride today? How many cyclists did you see on your commute? And what route do you take? :-)


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