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For next summer's big cycling adventure, I'm thinking about trying to ride from around 40th and Western to my friend's place in southwest Michigan in Bridgman.  It's not too far from the Greenbush in Sawyer.  I think I can see how to go most of the way, but some time on the Red Arrow Highway seems almost unavoidable.  I'm a little leery about that.  Has anyone biked the Red Arrow around there, and if so, how is it?  I would welcome any route suggestions in general.  Thanks!  

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Very encouraging!

Man - I was on 23's and really never felt in danger from the road conditions.

To avoid the road by the Griffith/Merrillville Airport continue on the Eirie Lackawanna Trail to Colfax Avenue.  Take a left at Colfax about 1 mile to the Oak Ridge Prairie Park. Ride through the park to the start of the Oak Savannah Trail. This is not the most direct route, but is much safer and quite scenic.

I rode a route similar to this in June this year. great day. very little time actually on Red Arrow. That was on the last approach to Michigan City. Not bad, but there is a load of traffic.

I would recommend this map here from Alex.  Well - perhaps I would hug the lakeshore more north of new buffalo to be sure to catch the bakery at Harbert...  But that's a good morning junket.

Thank you all for the routes and suggestions!

More good ideas.  Thanks!

Haymarket Bridgman updates here:

Definitely not ideal, but you can minimize the amount of time you spend on the Red Arrow. I rode to St. Joe during the summer, then later modified the route based on feedback from one of my riding buddies. Here's the route I came up with:

Note that approaching Bridgman, you cross the Red Arrow a few times, but don't ride on it much, if at all.

Thanks for the great map!


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