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In November of 2012 I gave a significant contribution to upgrade this moribund website and as far as I can tell it's the same thing as it's always been since Leah started it. I'm not a web expert but I think a year plus is enough time to get it together. 

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Michael, I've been updating everyone via the weekly newsletter and will post most more here as well. We are almost done with design stage, next is development and then comes data migration. Shooting for mid June launch and will be looking for beta testers to test a break.

Thanks for the speedy update, Julie. Looking forward to the new site.

Careful, Michael, stir the pot too much and Melissa will show up threatening you with banishment.

I am super excited for the new site, too, but I know it takes time - my work site overhaul has taken 3 years and counting...and we rolled it out without significant beta testing that would have been helpful. I am sure Julie's as anxious as we all are to get to the new Chainlink!

Michael, you are totally right and website development updates will go here as well. 

We just started thanking those who contributed products, expertise and money during the campaign on a weekly basis running until launch and below are the first two:   

- Four special people who inspired and advised on the campaign from start to finish and after deserve the first very big and public thank you.  A huge hug of Chainlink gratitude is in order for Garth Katner, Melissa Simon, Frederick Lowe and Ilana (Schuman-Stoler) Harrow. 
Their contribution got us to our goal just a couple days before our campaign ended.


It's a little early, but we'll be announcing a photo contest and community voting in a few weeks regarding the header background image of the new site.  I'm currently working on the format and guidelines for submitting the designs and subsequent voting process. 

I for one am really looking forward to the new look. And even though I do not have a smart phone (mine is retarded); I think it will be cool for folks to have a mobile app for their phones with the chainlink.

thanks for the update julie...




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