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Start early!  Get a head start, maybe you'll stay ahead of everybody else.

Just keep the rubber side down and the wind at your back.

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My New Year ride last evening was peaceful and smooth rollin' -- 40 miles round-trip from Hyde Park to Howard Street and back, with a stop for one pint at Cuneen's on Devon. Perfect way to start off.

13.5 after Unofficial CCC New Year's Day "Weather Be Damned" Ride. the weather cooperated for once!

extrapolation for 2023: 4927.5! lol

11.4 LOL. First ride of the year today. I was over 80 at this point last year. 

111.5 after 18th Annual January Three Floyds Brewpub (and First Step) Ride. extrapolation for 2023 down to 2907.

371.6 outdoor miles ytd. 

295.8 miles cycled (270.4 outdoor / 25.4 indoor) for January.

37 consecutive days cycled since 12/26/2022.



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