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Start early!  Get a head start, maybe you'll stay ahead of everybody else.

Just keep the rubber side down and the wind at your back.

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1781.7 after Ninth Step Oktoberfest Almost-Century. extrapolation for 2023 up to, and probably will peak at, 2522.3.

3228.4 miles cycled in 2023 after 360.0 miles (all outdoor) in September.
263 days bicycled out of 273 in 2023.

After 9 months gestation and a workman-like September of 567 miles, I'm sitting with 5,021 miles y-t-d, and dropping my lead on Curt(is)2022 to 156 miles. However, I did perform my first Perimeter Ride since late May.

1920.5 after Tenth Step Ride. finally, construction over the Little Calumet River! extrapolation for 2023 down to 2330.4.

Damn, Bob -- I dropped down to 18th Street yesterday afternoon myself.

damn curt(is), that must have been your classic bike i noticed outside. went to the distillery that time.

3611.2 miles cycled in 2023 after 382.8 miles (all outdoor) in October.
292 days bicycled out of 304 in 2023.

With October's meager 390.3 road miles, I am caught and passed by Curt(is)2022 -- blowing what had been a 500+ mile lead in late August -- and now trailing by 73.7 miles. 5,411.3 miles y-t-d.

*For comparison, my average mileage for the month of Rocktober the last four years was 689 miles.

you're mellowing with age? like a fine beer.

2046.7 after Eleventh Step Ride. the bridge is back! extrapolation for 2023 down slightly to 2321.6.


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